Adopt RAT a White Hamster / Mixed small animal in Long Beach, CA (22866226)
Adopt RAT a Black Hamster / Mixed small animal in Long Beach, CA (22866228)
Adopt RAT a Silver or Gray Hamster / Mixed small animal in Long Beach, CA (22866227)
Adopt RAT a White Hamster / Mixed small animal in Long Beach, CA (22866229)
Miniature Rex bunnies Teacup and Demi (his mom) love to be petted and Demi used to give the volunteers kisses. Teacup's papa must have had some Dwarf in him, because he's quite small. If interested in adopting please fill out an application at www.larabbits.org/adoption-application
Davey is super playful and loves his romaine like a great boy! He is great with other pets and will never turn down his daily banana treat. He also really likes playing and jumping outside -- supervised, of course!. He is awesome with his litterbox, as well. Davey is waiting for an amazing home! if you are interested in adopting Davey, please contact Bunny World Foundation at XXXX@bunnyworldfou...
We are a truly "Lucky Bunnies!" .... This is our story. . . . . We were rescued from Santee Alley, LA Garment District where we were being bred and sold illegally at a mere eight 21 days old. Babies are supposed to stay with their mothers for at least eight weeks. When taken from our mother, our eyes were closed and we were deprived of colostrums from her milk we so desperately needed. After be...
Chubby Cheeks has blue eyes and a round little body and cheeks. He's a Dwarf blend, smallish but not tiny, and a good big personality. Full of energy, life and love, he just needs the space in your home to demonstrate what a happening boy he is! www.larabbits.org to adopt.
She's quite the character, our Taurina! Sometimes she has "moods," but who wouldn't after being abandoned as an fullgrown rabbit. Honestly. She's just a sensitive bunny who needs someone to understand all she's been through and give her some TLC. www.larabbits.org to adopt.
A Great Samaritan rescued this outgoing, intelligent and pretty Dutch girl from a park in the nick of time! She loves people and would make a lovable house bunny for anyone who can give her the attention she deserves. What a love. www.larabbits.org to adopt her.
Sophie is a exquisite princess with blue eyes. Sadly, she was abandoned by her owner in a box all by herself at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles. She was afraid of what would become of her. Lucky for her she was rescued by Bunny World Foundation right away. As lucky as she was, she still wished to meet her prince someday. Along came Snowball! Brown eyed Snowball was rescued from the shelter and ha...
Mr. Pigs is a sophisticated little guy with a big personality! He has a chubby face with a velvety-smooth black coat that's softer than anything you've ever touched, guaranteed! He can be hesitant with newcomers when it comes to being picked up or held, however his trust grows with every passing day. He'll be delighted to hang out with you if you get down on the floor to his level :) He is comp...
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