The Matte Legacy Liquid Lipstickā„¢ has weightless coverage with long-lasting color. Designed with a high-performance vegan formula, it dries quickly without cracking or feathering. This creamy liquid matte lipstick uses natural oils to hydrate and condition without parabens or sulfates. Choose your favorite shade for luscious color that lasts all day. To shop now, go to thrivecausemetics.com/co...
Brand new eyeshadow palette
Brand new eyeshadow palette


Pick up Northridge 91326
Pick up Northridge 91326
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Premium 32 Inch Straight Light Auburn/Strawberry Blonde Heat Safe Synthetic Wig
Premium Lace Front Wig Curly Light Auburn Heat Safe Ok Natural Hairline
www.elicuevas.bigcartel.com BLACK LABEL $49.00 USD Black Label Supplements Pills by Karina Lily - Accelerates your metabolism - Helps burn fat - Curves cravings - Helps lose inches - Helps control the appetite - Provides energy - Breaks down stored fat Suggested Use: Take 1 Capsule daily, before or After breakfast. 100% All Natural Ingredients: Green tea, Garcinia cambogia, Sweet potato fiber, ...
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www.elicuevas.bigcartel.com Karinalily ALL NATURAL GENTLE DETOX 100% All Natural. Detox your Body Flush out the Accumulated Toxins Helps with Irregularity and Bloating Desintoxicador Natural para el Intestino, Ri on, Higado, Pancreas, Pulmon, Desinflamante del Estomago. Directions: Add One tablespoon of Detox powder in 8 oz of Room temperature water before breakfast or at night before bed. Non ...
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