College Application/SAT Essays (Reading, Writing & Review) offered$30(Torrance, CA)

Hi Friends! My high school is ending and am feeling great thinking about starting my college at one of the University of California college. Thinking back 1-2 years, when I started my college applications and writing college essays, it felt like an onerous task to write the essays for all my college applications. I reached out to many friends, teachers, counsellors and institutes to help me get started. Having gone through the entire exercise, I felt that it is time to give back and earn some money also during this summer break before I start my college. So, to cut it short, if you need help, support in writing essays as part of college applications, please feel free to reach out to me. I can discuss, review and help you in writing your essays. My charges are very affordable and surely give you some of my inputs/feedbacks and get you a head start. I will share my references and some of published work once you contact me. Please feel free to reach out to me at Resume and references upon request as well as my SAT scores.